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El Salvador Thelma Gutierrez

El Salvador Thelma Gutierrez

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From the importer:

Thelma de Gutierrez’ life has revolved around coffee for as long as she can remember. Her childhood was spent on her family’s coffee farm and she has many found memories of running around the farm during harvest season while the smell of ripe cherry hung heavy in the air. It is due to all these happy memories, Thelma explains, that she decided to purchase her own coffee farm cementing her career as a third-generation coffee producer.

In 2014, she purchased Finca Lemus, an adjacent plot. She named the farm after the prevous owner, Carlos Lemus, who was a family friend. The farms sit on the top of a hill in the Ilamatepec mountain range near the town of Ataco. She chose the area intentionally, seeking to set down roots near Ataco, a town that has long been known for producing high quality coffee.

This coffee is honey-sweet with a big, coating body. Red and tropical fruit flavours come through in the body with raised lime acid, making this a sensational espresso or filter option.

Sourced from: Sucafina Australia

Farmers: Thelma Gutierrez

Region: Finca Lemus, Ilmatepec, El Salvador

Processing: Honey Processed

Varietal: Tabi

Altitude: 1200 MASL

Roast Level: Omni*

*A lighter roast that functions as a light, lively espresso or a slightly warmer filter, so it's variable for home use <3 



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